Natchaug School Uniform Policy

*All items can be purchased anywhere as long as they meet the uniform policy.  If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist.

Students will wear long and short-sleeved collared polo shirts.  Color options will be navy, dark green, or maroon. The “W” is no longer required. If they have the “W” or the light blue they may wear it, but buying more is not necessary.

Student will be permitted to wear crew neck Windham sweatshirts, Windham fleeces, or maroon, navy blue or black sweaters or sweatshirts. Sweatshirts that have the “W” will be allowed, but it is not necessary to purchase these in the future. NO HOODIES.

Pants: Students will wear khaki, navy blue or black pants. No jeans allowed.  Students cannot wear leggings or tights as pants.

Skirts: Girls we are allowed to wear navy blue, black or khaki skirts.  The length should be appropriate (two inches above the knee or longer).

Shorts: Students will be allowed to wear navy blue, black or khaki solid-colored shorts that are two inches above the knee or longer.

Shoes: Students must wear sneakers to school.  Students may wear snow/rain boots to school, but must change into sneakers upon arrival.

Under Shirts/T-Shirts: During the cold weather months, students may ONLY wear a white or black long sleeve shirt. They must be a solid color.  Students wearing any colored or printed shirt will be asked to remove it and asked to wear only their uniform shirt.